Unlocking the Tycoon’s Heart by Ella Hayes

So wonderful for my alter ego, Ella Hayes to receive a review like this…
Thank you Anna!

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I’m not sure I will be able to convey how much I loved this book but I will try!
The instant I picked this book up I think I was destined to love it. When a book starts with “a signalling fault?” I could feel the panic in Mia’s voice and know that I have felt it before! I was so hooked that I read the entire book in one go, and even forgot dinner I was so engrossed
Mia is a writer and blogger who lives in Amsterdam, her brother Ash is hoping to go into business with Theo, CEO of a major Dutch IT firm but his train is late. Mia has to come up with an idea and fast to try and save her brothers presentation and the story that follows had me gripped!
I loved Mia as a character, she has been hurt badly in…

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